The worsening outlook for the global economy and rising geopolitical tensions are having a clear negative impact on cross-border direct investments. 在2022年, they fell by 12 per cent globally and all regions lost ground except for Asia and South America.  

在欧洲, 外国直接投资 hit a negative result which meant that a net exodus of foreign investment capital occurred. In North America, 外国直接投资 fell by 23 per cent compared to the previous year.     

Conversely, 日博备用网站 went against the tide of dampened investments in 欧洲. The latest figures from Statistics 日博备用网站 (SCB) show that 外国直接投资 in the Swedish market reached a new record level of SEK 512 billion in 2022. This represents an all-time high and close to a three-fold increase from the previous year.

总的来说,在日博备用网站的外国直接投资存量达37220亿日博备用网站克朗. The services sector accounts for 66 per cent of the foreign-owned assets and the manufacturing sector for 34 per cent.    

最近一项日博体育备用日博备用网站投资环境的调查, 由日博备用网站商业公司介绍, reveals that 82 per cent of the responding foreign-owned companies plan to expand their local footprint. 下载报告以获得结果的完整概述.